An adventure in the Jungle

Really excited about the jungle trip I had planned. I had already done a lot of travelling to many countries in other parts of the world but even so, to be truthful, I was not really sure what exactly to expect. Having read a number of books and articles I was only able to imagine how this experience was going to play out . . .

On the day of the trip we arrived in the jungle town at around noon and the heat and humidity were heavy in the air. Waiting for us was the local guide who was to take us to the secondary forest where the lodge we would be staying in was located. This part of the trip had to be made by canoe so I had to make sure that I only had light luggage with me.

We started padding along the river admiring the stunning views and looking out for the wildlife. We weren’t disappointed. The numerous monkeys, birds and other creatures provided our eyes with a constant feast of colour and interest. We finally arrived at the lodge late in the afternoon, just in time for a short walk in the wild before dinner. Our guide explained some important jungle rules to us and we took off through the undergrowth for our first real taste of the Amazon. This walk proved to be extremely interesting and the explanations that the guide gave were very informative and eye opening.

After returning to the lodge and enjoying a tasty dinner we rested and then headed off into the jungle for a night walk. For me this was the part that was most thrilling. I can recall the excitement I felt at that time. With our senses sharpened by the excitement we were able to see the hidden creatures of the jungle that only appear at night. It was a great privilege to see animals in their natural habitat, including tarantulas, caimans and a wide variety of frogs, spiders, moths and other beautiful insects.

I hardly slept at all during my first night due to overexcitement. Our cabaña was located away from the main lodge. The room was partially open to the jungle and I slept on a comfortable bed under mosquito net. Lying in the darkness with fireflies circling around my bed and listening to the sounds of nature I could only imagine the wonderful creatures that I was unable to see. I awoke to the sound of a macaw shrieking and ready for another jungle adventure.

You can visit the Amazon Jungle in either Peru or Ecuador.

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